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We aim to provide greater value for our clients through their wastes without any negative externalities, and we strive to always develop our services.

Tagaddod’s founders, investors, and management team share the same eagerness to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to waste.


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Environmentally Friendly Services For a Cleaner Planet

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Waste Oils and Fats Collection

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106, Nile St., Dokki, Cairo, Egypt.

+2 011 299 967 07

Green Pan Hotline:  19481

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Green Pan

Household Used Cooking Oil Collection Service 

Collect 5 liters of your used cooking oil & simply schedule a pick up through our website or call us on 19481. 

Enjoy free products in return for the used cooking oil you give to us.

Green Pan Business

HORECA Used Cooking Oil Collection Service

If you own or manage a restaurant, you certainly need to dispose of your used cooking oil. With Green Pan Business, you can do so in the cleanest and simplest way, while also being environmentally friendly, and guarantee the right financial return for your business.  We have got you covered! 

Schedule a pick up now, and our team will contact you to arrange a pickup.

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