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Our Story

Since day zero achieving the impossible balance


Tagaddod Founded in Cairo, Egypt


Achieved compliance with the international standard and obtained ISCC certification


Exporting our first biodiesel shipment to the Netherlands


Redirecting our attention towards implementing technology-enabled solutions for waste UCO collection


Achieving $5.5Mn in Revenue


Reaching 10k daily collection visits

Global Traction

Tagaddod is operating Globally Collecting and Trading Used cooking oil

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Empowering Tomorrow:

Tagaddod's Traceability Tech Revolution

Tagaddod drives innovation in software and hardware development, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and data modeling. Our products, including the Collectors App, Consumer-Facing Apps, GAP, and Janet, prioritize traceability and sustainability. Through operational optimization and inclusive practices, our goal is to create a sustainable and prosperous future for everyone. Together, we are shaping a better tomorrow.

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Traceable waste gamified journey

Nearly half of global biofuels come from Used Cooking Oil, a byproduct of frying oil used in restaurants and households.

The Biofuel Industry

Worldwide demand for renewable diesel nearly tripled due to increased sustainability focus and impactful policies in the United States and Europe

Global Renewable Diesel Demand

Egypt contributes to the Global biofuels industry, by annually producing 500,000 tons of used oil valued at $500 million for the European market.

Egypt's Lucrative Biofuel Resource

Worldwide biofuel production reached 160 billion litres, providing almost 3% of the world’s fuels for road transport

Global Biofuel Production

Pushing the boundaries of what's possible

Our process starts with collecting diverse feedstocks like used cooking oil from households, HoReCa, and local traders. Our robust network ensures high-quality feedstock. Advanced technologies, including IoT sensors and machine learning, optimize collection, transportation, and processing. Supported by a team of energy and environmental experts, we continually push boundaries in our field.

What We Do

Tagaddod Community

Building a community of biodiesel, HVO plants and UCO collection points across the region.

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Tagaddod Households

Collect 2 litres or more of used cooking oil & simple schedule a pickup through our website or call us on 1948. Get to enjoy free products from our partners in return for the used cooking oil you give to us.

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Tagaddod Businesses

If you own or manage a restaurant, you need to dispose of your used cooking oil while also still guarantee the financial return of your business and being enviromentally friendly.

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Tagaddod X

Building a network of local UCO collectors and collection points.

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Tagaddod HQ

21, Street 6, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

TTO Office

14 B, Edvard Munchweg, 1328MAAlmere, Netherlands


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